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Ben here with brand new muscle building affiliate news that is going to rock the industry to its core and change the muscle building landscape forever.


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You're about to learn about the MOST EXCITING muscle building offer that has ever come across your desk.

And it's going to result in you swimming a sea full of cash.

As many of you may or may not know, I've spent the better part of 18 months researching, preparing, and creating a program that I believe is going to bring a revolutionary approach to building muscle to the world.

Now, I know you've all heard that before, but hear me out.

Prior to the original MI40, everyone thought they knew how to train. We opened their eyes to a whole new world of growth, fat loss and insane body transformations that amaze even the most seasoned trainers.

Teaching and reinforcing proper execution, mastering the basics, and then smashing it all home with the concepts of Intent and NOS, changed the way people will train, forever.

In becoming the MOST TALKED ABOUT muscle building program on the internet, MI40 has revolutionized the way people train across the globe. Literally every single gym I walk into will result in someone stopping me and telling me how the concepts of MI40 have changed their physique, their attitude, their confidence and their overall self image. There are few more rewarding feelings in the world to me.

This fact is alone is what stimulated the idea of offering a follow-up series to the Original MI40 “Foundation” program.

I knew that I had only started to scratch the surface with "MI40 Foundation".

MI40 Foundation really only offered the information I knew everyone could not only understand, but also apply for massive changes in their physique.

After launching MI40 Foundation, I had so much more to give, and I knew that once people had a strong grasp of the foundation, they would be ready to absorb more advanced techniques, and adopt more of the training logic that is much further from common knowledge than it should be.

People are thirsty for more great info that can get them what they want faster than ever. Unfortunately for most, this info becomes so convoluted and taken out of context, no one knows what, or who, to trust.

Thankfully for us, the industry trusts the MI40 brand. My integrity to only deliver the most solid, cutting edge scientific information has people organically spreading the name of MI40 around the world and helping others achieve excellence in their physique and the many other things the MI40-Nation teaches.

MI40 Foundation created raving fans by going above and beyond with customer service, exceeding expectations with program content and most importantly, delivered mind blowing RESULTS.

And to put on icing on the cake, it's also delivered a steady rain of commissions to every single affiliate.

In creating a follow up program to the best selling MI40 Foundation, I knew I had to not only meet those expectations, but blow them out of the water. Which, let me tell you, I HAVE DONE!

Vince Del Monte reviewed the entire program and said, "Holy crap -- this is going to blow the industry away and set a completely NEW standard of muscle building products!"

The science behind this program is irrefutable, and most importantly its completely NEW, cutting edge, and proven to increase muscle growth and speed recovery both in short and long term. Again, 18 months of University Tested research went into this program.

Introducing, MI40-X!

Let me tell you a little about the info on which MI40-Xtreme is based,
the patented CEP (Cell Expansion Protocol) :

Everyone reading this knows muscle, but more importantly they want to KNOW more, and above that, you all want to build some more muscle. Whether 3-lbs or 50-lbs, you want to do it in the most efficient, effective way possible.

There always seems to be roadblocks holding you back from getting that eye-catching body you want. Most people make excuses based around time, but dig deeper and not having enough time in a result of simply not having the knowledge necessary to get things done in less time.

Or often they lack the motivation, they need support, and they need to see changes to keep them coming back. Bottom line, if you give people great workouts and teach them to make the most of their time, they'll get the results they're after and create raving fans.

"Genetics" is likely the single greatest factor effecting how you look at this very moment. But if you take a minute to think about genetics, all it should mean to you is the general propensity for your body to do things in a certain way.

Examples? Your body may have a tendency to move in such a way that places greater tension, for greater periods of time on certain muscles causing genetically stronger or larger body parts. You can easily manipulate that.

Maybe you tend to walk around with higher body fat percentage, well perhaps its poor insulin sensitivity or hormone balance.

Granted, you may never be able to eat like a teenager, but you can without a doubt make massive changes by knowing a little about nutrient timing, and macro nutrient ratios with each meal.


Another genetic limitation that contributes massively to our body composition, strength, and muscle density has to do with the number of nuclei we have per muscle cell. This number is largely genetic, although athletics as a child can contribute to a greater number of nuclei in the muscles primarily used.

Did you may know that one of the most rate limiting factors in muscular development has to do with the concentration of nuclei in your muscle cells?

The Nuclei controls RNA transcription and protein synthesis. Protein synthesis regulates growth by essentially allowing you to recover from workouts, or not.

The more protein you can synthesize, the faster you can recover, the harder you're able to push, and the more frequently you can get back in the gym.

The genetic variability of this factor lies within the fact that everyone has a different total number, and concentration of nuclei in their muscles. It's been hypothesized and shown that people with larger muscles have a much higher concentration of nuclei within their muscles. A greater “density” of nuclei per square area of measure.

So, more nuclei, greater ability to synthesize protein, and therefore a greater capacity to recover.

Does this mean you're doomed to a fate of minimal nuclei, small muscles and crappy recovery?


This is where MI40-X gets so interesting.

MI40-X is based on CEP training and a brand new protocol that I've been teaching to my close friends, and loyal followers called Intra-Set Stretching.

How does it work?

Intra-set stretching is the only known protocol proven to maximize the recruitment of myo-satelite cells.

These myo-satelite cells are undifferentiated recovery cells that migrate to muscles under extreme levels of stress. They attach themselves to the damaged muscle cells, and donate a nuclei, thereby allowing the muscle cell to increase its total capacity to synthesize protein and thereby recover faster.

Sounds pretty cool right?

So, if you're one of those guys or girls who feels you're just kind of soft, you just don't have dense muscle, or your recovery is limiting your growth, the CEP is just the answer you've been looking for.

I know that when I first started training, I would do the exact same amount of work as my friends, and I would get twice as sore. I often couldn't move for days. I wondered if perhaps I wasn't eating enough protein, but increasing my protein didn't actually help. I seemed to have a lower capacity to recover (synthesize protein) and had no idea how to fix it.

After years and years (over 20 years for me now), my body has certainly increased its concentration of nuclei, and my recovery has improved. Especially in certain body parts that I used to train more frequently when I was young (legs).

I'm sure we all notice how much more muscular men (and women), get as they age?

The difference between the muscle density of a 21 year old, compared to a 40 year old is massive. This isn't just some miraculous transformation of tissue over 20 years. It's a known increase in the density of the muscles, and size of the muscles do to prolonged muscular activity supported by increased nuclei and increased protein synthesis.

Theoretically then, you can just stand the test of time, invest the next 20 years or so, and build a pretty decent looking physique. But I'm guessing most of you don't want to wait 20 years to get the body you want and I don't blame you at all. I wouldn't either. And trust me, I'm still not as far along as I'd like to be, and wish I had discovered this protocol years ago.

CEP training seems to work better the more often you do it.

Everyone that has gone through MI40-X, gets exponentially better results the 2nd, and 3rd times through the program. This is not to say their results aren't exceptional the first time through, because they are.

The 2nd and 3rd time through just seem to be where people who had zero muscle density before, are now starting to look like fitness models and experienced lifters.

I'm sure this has something in part to do with becoming more familiar with the execution of the exercises, but also has a lot to do with the cumulative effect of increasing the number of nuclei in each muscle cell over time.


In keeping with the Original MI40 Foundation program, I'm going to blow people away with content and value.

I've become known for being the guy to take complicated topics, and offer them in a way that anyone can immediately understand, and apply to speed their results.

In MI40 Foundations, you learned the absolute best exercise execution tips that exist anywhere. But these were just the tip of the iceberg. I couldn't possibly give ALL the tips, cues, and intricacies of every exercise, or people would be overwhelmed and get nowhere.

Consider MI40 Foundations to be STEP 1.

MI40-X is a whole new level!

More exercises. More detail. More insights into where you should be placing your focus. Massive attention to weak body part training and overcoming your “genetic” limitations. Which by the way, don't exist. I explain my theory on this in one of the very first videos you'll find in MI40-Xtreme.

In MI40 Foundations you learned 3-P Nutrition.

Teaching you how to split your days into phases and optimize each phase.

MI40-X is like getting a 4-year degree in muscle building nutrition but in a concise and easy to understand and apply format.

Also, sticking with the MI40 standard and teaching sound nutritional concepts, I'm also going to spoon feed you exactly what you need to get big and ripped!

Some people love learning, but most of us just want to be told what to do. So I went much deeper into situationally specific scenarios so that you can use MI40-X as a resource any time something new pops up.

People wanted details on how to eat if a certain factor was holding you back, so you're getting it…..

How to optimize:

And the list goes on and on. Details on how to eat, supplement and even train to fix all these ailments holding you back from your perfect body and ideal life.

What else can you expect in the MI40-X Program?

A NUTRITION CALCULATOR to eliminate all confusion (that you can use over and over again!).

I have included an extremely advanced macronutrient calculator for ALL 6 PHASES. Each phase has different goals, different volume and intensity. Therefore each phase requires a different nutrition plan. This will take all the guess work out of your nutrition. Yes, it even includes supplementation.

There are unique plans for men and women, muscle gain, fat loss, people over 12%bf, people under 12%bf. So you can be sure each plan is very specific to you.

Or if you'd like, I'll do the plan for you personally. I'm committing a huge chunk of my personal time each week to writing personalized diets for my VIP inner circle members.


Here is my favorite part. (Ok, they're all really my favorite parts!)

Were offering MI40-X customers a chance to become part of the MI40-Nation!

An ALL-ACCESS trial membership to the best new resource on the planet for muscle building!

This 100% customized, fully interactive membership site has been designed and filled with content to meet my exact specifications. This is the EXACT resource I wish I had while I was starting out, and its still a source of inspiration for me today.

(Of course, you'll receive lifetime commissions on this, too)

I believe that if you give people the truth about what they need to do to achieve the life of their dreams, many people will follow. Too many people are just misguided by the ignorance of the media.

In the MI40-Nation site you will find:

Progress tracking, forums, social interaction, support, profile page, news feed, regular exclusive content and videos from yours truly, monthly workouts, new exercise videos, motivational videos, behind the scenes access into my life and training, my nutrition plans, tips from the pros, doctors, scientists, researchers, recovery, rehab, and just about any other resource or insight you might need to set goals, and smash through all obstacles.

bens body videos screenshot
membership area screenshot premium articles screenshot

The purpose of this was to get you jacked up about MI40-X -- it's been a long time coming and our initial launch was a MASSIVE success. Since then we've had a steady stream of new and returning customers join the MI40-X list.

Trust me, every single person in the industry will be talking about this, so don't get left out.


  • The front end will be $77-$97
  • The first upsell is a 30-day trial to MI40 Nation, after which it rebills at $19/month
  • The second upsell is $97 for a (legit) personalized meal plan.
  • The third upsell is $97 for a 40-day mentorship during the program (more on that below)

  • You will receive 75% commissions on everything, duh!

    Review access:

    Email the affiliate managers Cody & Brandon at
    Use the subject title “MI40X Review Copy”, include your ClickBank Affiliate ID, and they'll get you access.

    If you have any additional questions about the program let them know.

    NOTE: MI40x is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, digital videos and audio files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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